Technician Tools

Drill Bit - #10 Bridge Pin
One #10 bridge pin drill bit.

Part Number: 06-5604

Drill Bit - #6 Bridge Pin
One #6 bridge pin drill bit.

Part Number: 06-5600

Drill Bit - #7Bridge Pin
One #7 bridge pin drill bit.

Part Number: 06-5601

Drill Bit - #8 Bridge Pin
One #8 bridge pin drill bit.

Part Number: 06-5602

Drill Bit - Hammer Boring, Flex 1
One drill bit. 4.9mm for flex 1 shank tubes.

Part Number: 06-5614

Drill Bit - Hammer Boring, Flex 2
One drill bit. 4.15 mm for flex 2 shank tubes.

Part Number: 06-5661

Drill Bit - Hammer Boring, Flex 3
One drill bit. 3.6 mm for flex 3 shank tubes.

Part Number: 06-5662

Drill Bit, 13/32" Perimeter bolt
Perimeter bolt drill bit, Long length. 13/32"

Part Number: 06-5624

Tool set, Vertical Action Installation
Set of Vertical action installation tools.

Part Number: 06-5990

3.3 Drill Bit, #30, Damper Action rail
3.3 Drill Bit, #30, Damper Action rail

Part Number: 06-5628

Backcheck Tool Kit
Set of five backcheck tools.

Part Number: 06-5619

Bushing Keeper Tool
Bushing Keeper Tool

Part Number: 06-5125

Center Pin Tool
The most notable refinement we’ve made to this familiar tool is in its smoothness. Typically this tool has unpolished steel rods that slide inside holes in the bare aluminum itself. That just means too much friction can develop and possible binding, even when lubricated. So you have to work that much harder, placing unnecessary stress and strain on your hand and forearm especially when repinning complete sets of parts. We’ve polished the steel rods and added bronze bushings for them to slide in. Because of the smoother non-binding operation we are able to use a lighter gauge spring for further stress reduction. Has a replaceable screw-in pushpin. Finish is black anodized aluminum to keep the metal from staining your hands during extended use. WNG logo is laser etched.

Part Number: 06-5375

Damper Action Installation Tool Kit
Understanding that most piano rebuilders have little-to-no experience installing damper actions, Wessell, Nickel & Gross has developed a comprehensive set of tools and procedures to help them install a WNG Damper Action into any piano. The Damper Installation Kit includes a Damper Action Measuring Tool, a Damper Flange Rail Punch, an Under Lever Center Height Gauge, and a Damper Pickup Half Stroke Gauge. The kit is meant to be used with WNG’s Damper Action Installation Procedure, which is divided into seven parts and can be found below.

Damper Action Measuring Tool

This invaluable tool quickly and easily performs the following operations:
  • 1. Tells you if a WNG damper action will fit inside your piano.
  • 2. Helps you pick the correct spoon length for your piano.
  • 3. Gives you the correct mounting block thickness for mounting to the belly rail.
  • Damper Flange Rail Punch

    The WNG Damper Flange Rail Punch is perfect for marking a flange rail for drilling.

    Under Lever Center Height Gauge

    This tool allows the technician to effortlessly arrive at the proper underlever center height for the damper action.

    Damper Pickup Half Stroke Gauge

    The Half Stroke Gauge makes it easy to create a half stroke relationship between the height of the underlever center pin and the spoon pickup to the key.

Part Number: 06-5675

Damper Action Tapping Kit
Kit contains: Aluminium Tapping Fluid, 3.3mm Drill, and M4.7mm Thread Tap.

Part Number: 06-5919

Damper Hook
One Wessell, Nickel & Gross Damper Hook

Part Number: 06-5632

Drill Bit (#35) - Backcheck
One backcheck drill bit.

Part Number: 06-5606

Drill Bit - #9 Bridge Pin
One #9 bridge pin drill bit.

Part Number: 06-5603

Drill Bit - Standard Capstan
One 4mm (0.1575") capstan drill bit.

Part Number: 06-5607

Glue (CA Gel)
WNG recommends using its CA (CyanoAcrylate) glue for gluing hammers to its high performance carbon tube shanks and has worked hard to develop a glue that handles like traditional wooden glue that technicians are already familiar with—the methods and techniques required for attaching a hammer to a carbon tube shank using WNG CA Hammer Glue require little change for the experienced technician. WNG CA Hammer Glue is a gel and therefore highly viscous—it does not run when applied and fills gaps well. These properties make it ideal for conventional hammer boring and fitting techniques. The open time (when the glue is out of the tube and waiting to be used) and setup time (the time required for the glue to set after it has been applied) are similar to traditional glues and WNG CA Glue does not require accelerator. Additionally, WNG CA Glue is highly resistant to moisture, unlike traditional glues often used to hang hammers, making looser hammer heads much less likely.

Part Number: 06-0280

Gram Gauge Jig
Use with gram gauge for accurate determination of gram tension in WNG flanges. Includes 10g gram guage.

Part Number: 06-5901

Key Dip Tool
Adjustable Weighted Key Dip Block

Part Number: 06-5620

Key Frame Bedding Tool
Key frame bedding tool

Part Number: 06-5940

Key Level Stick

**In Stock but not available for online order. Please call Nina for pricing and availability at 916-719-4323**

One I-Beam Key Level Stick

Part Number: 06-5608

Key Pin Tool Set
Key Pin Tool Set

Part Number: 06-5645

Precision Analog Tension Gram Dial Gauge (10g)
Use for accurate determination of resistance in shank and repetition flange centers and all pinned articulating parts to ensure they operate within defined tolerances.

Part Number: 06-0336

Precision Analog Tension Gram Dial Gauge (150g)
Use for accurate determination of spring force set in balancier.

Part Number: 06-0335

Precision Analog Tension Gram Dial Gauge (5g)
Use for accurate determination of resistance in shank and repetition flange centers and all pinned articulating parts to ensure they operate within defined tolerances.

Part Number: 06-0334

Regulating Tool Kit

Drop Screwdriver

Unlike most drop screwdrivers, WNG's are intentionally made to be very short. This allows the technician to easily steady his hand on the shank flanges while regulating. WNG also offers two different versions of its Drop Screwdriver--one with a barrel and one without. The barrel helps to locate the tool on the drop screw, however, some technicians prefer not to have this barrel.

Balancier and Jack Regulating Tool

The handle and tool tip are the same on WNG's Jack and Balancier Regulating Tools--the only difference between the two are their lengths. The Jack Regulating Tool is the ideal length to reach in to the regulating screw on the jack. backcheck


The WNG Let-Off Tool allows you to adjust let-off button eye screws during a bench regulation. The tool's length is ideal for steadying your hand on the shank flanges and its tip is relieved so that it will not bind on the regulating screw. *Please note that the WNG Let-Off Tool is designed for setting let-off on actions that use an eye screw. It is not the appropriate tool for dowel regulating buttons.* backcheck

Damper Hook

Typically, piano technicians remove the damper to make the topbend--a process that is highly inefficient. When pianos are being manufactured, factory damper installer workers make this same bend while the damper is inside the piano, resulting is much less wasted time. WNG's Damper Hook enables piano technicians everywhere to use the factory's efficient method of making topbend while the damper is still inside the piano.

Dimension Gauges

WNG provides both metric and English gauges with the most common regulating dimensions used in bench regulations. backcheck

Backcheck Bender

The WNG Backcheck Bender was designed to be a comfortable yet functional tool with a slot to grip backcheck wire firmly and a tip with the ideal angle for bending backcheck wires. backcheck *Please note that this item is back ordered, call (573) 754-6690 for estimated ship date*

Part Number: 06-5670

Replacement tip, Center Pin Tool, 4 mm
Replacement tip. 4 mm

Part Number: 06-5822

Replacement tip, Center Pin Tool, 5 mm
Replacement tip. 5 mm

Part Number: 06-5823

Scale Stick Kit
This kit contains everything that a piano technician needs to create a scale stick using WNG's instructions. If you need help on how to create a Scale Stick, please download WNG's instructions below.

Please send all completed Scale Sticks to: Wessell, Nickel & Gross Suite #1 4111 North Freeway Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95834

Part Number: 06-5806

Shank Deflection Gauge
Tool for accurately measuring shank deflection (or strength) in thousandths of an inch.

Part Number: 06-5862

Solid Bushing Repinning Kit
One center pin cache and one set of burnishers.

Part Number: 06-5666

Sostenuto Kit
Wessell, Nickel & Gross' Sostenuto System allows the outside technician to easily create a sostenuto for any piano in his own shop.

Click here to download the Sostenuto Installation Procedure.

Part Number: 06-0341

Tap (taper), M4 x 0.7, Damper Action rail
Tap (taper), M4 x 0.7, Damper Action rail

Part Number: 06-0559

Tapping Fluid, aluminum, 4 oz.
Tapping Fluid, aluminum, 4 oz.

Part Number: 06-0282

Tool, Allen 1.5mm

Part Number: 06-5821

Tool, Allen 5/16" or 8mm
5/16" (8mm) Long "T" Handle Allen Wrench, ideal for inserting and adjusting Perimeter Bolts.

Part Number: 06-5625

Tool, Capstan Installer
Capstan installer

Part Number: 06-5681

Tool, Hammer Extraction
Hammer Extraction tool

Part Number: 06-5824

Tool, Key Gram weight set
Gram weight set

Part Number: 06-5781

Tool, Standard Gram weight set
Gram weight set

Part Number: 06-5782

Treble Strike Gauge
One treble strike gauge.

Part Number: 06-0264

Voicing Platform Tool

Part Number: 06-5510

WNG Manufacturer Sample Parts Kit
Sample kit for piano manufacturers.

Part Number: 06-5325

WNG Pounder
WNG Piano Pounder allows rebuilders to achieve a stable regulation for pianos

Part Number: 06-5515

WNG Sample Parts Kit
WNG offers a Sample Parts Kit to aid technicians in determining which parts will work best on a specific piano. The kit consists of several pre-assembled shanks and repetition assemblies that will fit most common piano brands and which can be installed on a trial basis. It also contains a variety of flanges, shanks, and knuckles so that a custom action can be built to match most pianos. With nine different repetition heel heights that can be placed in fourteen different positions, a technician has the ability to experiment with different combinations to improve the geometry of the piano action.

Part Number: 06-5231