Technician Tools

Glue (CA Gel)
WNG recommends using its CA (CyanoAcrylate) glue for gluing hammers to its high performance carbon tube shanks and has worked hard to develop a glue that handles like traditional wooden glue that technicians are already familiar with—the methods and techniques required for attaching a hammer to a carbon tube shank using WNG CA Hammer Glue require little change for the experienced technician. WNG CA Hammer Glue is a gel and therefore highly viscous—it does not run when applied and fills gaps well. These properties make it ideal for conventional hammer boring and fitting techniques. The open time (when the glue is out of the tube and waiting to be used) and setup time (the time required for the glue to set after it has been applied) are similar to traditional glues and WNG CA Glue does not require accelerator. Additionally, WNG CA Glue is highly resistant to moisture, unlike traditional glues often used to hang hammers, making looser hammer heads much less likely.

Part Number: 06-0280