Damper Action Installation Tool Kit

Damper Action Installation Tool Kit

Understanding that most piano rebuilders have little-to-no experience installing damper actions, Wessell, Nickel & Gross has developed a comprehensive set of tools and procedures to help them install a WNG Damper Action into any piano.

The Damper Installation Kit includes a Damper Action Measuring Tool, a Damper Flange Rail Punch, an Under Lever Center Height Gauge, and a Damper Pickup Half Stroke Gauge.

The kit is meant to be used with WNG’s Damper Action Installation Procedure, which is divided into seven parts and can be found below.

Damper Action Measuring Tool

This invaluable tool quickly and easily performs the following operations:

  • 1. Tells you if a WNG damper action will fit inside your piano.
  • 2. Helps you pick the correct spoon length for your piano.
  • 3. Gives you the correct mounting block thickness for mounting to the belly rail.

  • Damper Flange Rail Punch

    The WNG Damper Flange Rail Punch is perfect for marking a flange rail for drilling.

    Under Lever Center Height Gauge

    This tool allows the technician to effortlessly arrive at the proper underlever center height for the damper action.

    Damper Pickup Half Stroke Gauge

    The Half Stroke Gauge makes it easy to create a half stroke relationship between the height of the underlever center pin and the spoon pickup to the key.

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