WNG Sample Parts Kit

WNG Sample Parts Kit

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WNG offers a Sample Parts Kit to aid technicians in determining which parts will work best on a specific piano. The kit consists of several pre-assembled shanks and repetition assemblies that will fit most common piano brands and which can be installed on a trial basis. It also contains a variety of flanges, shanks, and knuckles so that a custom action can be built to match most pianos. With nine different repetition heel heights that can be placed in fourteen different positions, a technician has the ability to experiment with different combinations to improve the geometry of the piano action.

Part Number: 06-5231

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The sample kit includes the following parts:

Repetition Assemblies: Steinway, Mason & Hamlin Tubular Rail, Mason & Hamlin (Aeolian), Wessell, Nickel & Gross Classic, Renner Standard w/Cushion, Renner/ Schwander, Baldwin Clemson, Yamaha, Knabe T1, Repetition Base -- High Angle Jack, Repetition Base -- Low Angle Jack.

Repetition Flanges: Steinway Flange, Mason & Hamlin Tubular Rail, Aeolian Flange, Aeolian T2 Flange, Wessell, Nickel, & Gross Flange, Renner Flange, Baldwin (B_R) Flange, Baldwin T2 Flange, Renner Long Flange, Yamaha Flange, Knabe Flange, Kawai T1 Flange.

Repetition Heels: A-16 mm*, B-17 mm, C-18 mm, D-19 mm (standard), E-20 mm, F-21mm, G-22 mm, H-23mm, I-24mm.

Assembled Shanks: Steinway type 1 (23.5x16x9)**, Steinway type 2 (23.5x16.5x10), Steinway type 3 (24.5x17x10), Steinway type 4 (23.5x17x10), Mason & Hamlin (24x17x9), Mason & Hamlin Aeolian (20.5x17x10), Wessell, Nickel & Gross (25x17x10), Renner (23x17x10), Baldwin (26x17x10), Yamaha (24.5x17x10), Knabe T1 (24x17x10), Shank Tube & Butt sans knuckle (16mm), Shank Tube & Butt sans knuckle (16.5mm), Shank Tube & Butt sans knuckle (17mm).

Shank Flanges: Steinway Flange (23.5 mm), Steinway Flange (24.5 mm), Mason & Hamlin Tubular Rail, Aeolian Flange, Wessell, Nickel, & Gross Flange, Renner Flange, Baldwin Flange, Yamaha Flange, Knabe T1 Flange.

Miscellaneous: Knuckle--11.5mm W x 8mm D, Glide Bolt--Aluminum--Hard Anodized, Knuckle--11.5mm W x 9mm D, Backcheck w/Wire--88mm, Knuckle--11.5mm W x 10mm D, Capstan--Aluminum--Hard Anodized, Glide Bolt--Aluminum--Hard Anodized, Backcheck w/Wire--88mm, Rest Cushion Bracket w/Cushion, Let-off Button & screw.

*Measured from the jack center to the bottom of the heel

**Flange screw hole to bushing center distance (mm) x butt center to knuckle center distance (mm) x knuckle diameter (mm)
SKU 06-5231
Product Specs (PDF) WNG-SamplePartsKit.pdf
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