Piano Technician Endorsements (Artist Endorsements below)

Richard Dain, Chairman, Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios and Pheonix Piano Systems Ltd:Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios thrives on innovation so it was a natural step to experiment with the new WNG action built with carbon fiber and other fiber composites. Our first observations showed some incompatability problems with the felt bushings then used in this new material, but WNG were ready with a new system of solid bushings impervious to water and stainless pins which gave us new incentive to use the action on our Phoenix piano so we could offer a piano action inert to the influences of high humidity climates. Solid bushings are not new in pianos but those who have applied them previously were inadequate engineers and they found themselves in deep trouble with wear rate and noise. WNG got it right the first time, and then did extensive testing to prove that it was durable. We also put the system through stress by holding an action at 95 % humidity for ten days and by immersing a hammer shank/flange component in water for several hours. After this deliberate abuse the system worked perfectly when put back in our test piano without drying.

A big advantage of this action is its lower and more predictable overall internal friction that enables us to regulate to achieve enhanced return (up) weighting on the key with consequent higher repetition performance. A low friction action is more easily regulated to give precise evenness of key weighting across the registers.

We are always amused how those who have no experience of innovative features on a piano will never hesitate to express pseudo scientific opinions about novel features. The over cautious and half informed inevitably hastened to warn us that the stiffer carbon fiber shanks would degrade the “feel” and performance of the action—nothing could be further from the truth. Whiplash in wooden shanks results in lack of precision of the strike point in traditional actions; with that comes the well known sound ceiling and loss of quality of sound energy as more input finger energy bends the shank more and results in reduced sound output. The extra stiffness of carbon fiber almost eliminates this syndrome and brings with it enhanced feed back to the artists of the hammer string interaction especially with quiet playing. To claim, as some do, that the whiplash in wood shanks adds to piano sound output power, to the engineer is about as sensible as arguing the case for perpetual motion engines. They must be remembering how the schoolmaster’s whipping cane stung their backsides appropriately when they got their just rewards for lazy thinking.

We have fitted WNG actions both to our new pianos and to most of the best makes of renovated traditional instruments. All have achieved significantly enhanced performance and the owners heap praise on the results. WNG have helped us handsomely in this work by offering a wide range of geometry of action components, which fit virtually all quality traditional pianos, and certainly justifies the name "Worlds Finest Action".

William H. Keller, RPT, Keller Piano Service, Pheonixville, PA:Ibis piano was my first experience with using the WNG system, so your documentation via the website was greatly appreciated. I am very much impressed with the results we obtained using your parts. The uniformity of parts is wonderful to work with and therefore they regulate extremely well. Playing the piano after rebuilding, in this case, was a real treat. I sent this customer a proposal for a complete rebuild (case, belly and action). Since the piano is from the Teflon era it is not old enough to absolutely need a new soundboard, so when they said they only had ftmding for about 1/3 of the proposal I suggested we do the action first. I am glad that I was able to talk them into using parts other than S&S NY parts. You did not let me down. Thanks!

Since most of the rebuilding work we do is to Steinway brand grand pianos, my only concern is that it will be hard to convince the piano owners to realize that Steinway's slogan: "If it doesn't have Genuine Steinway Parts then it isn't a Steinway" will only lead them to have a piano like a new Steinway rather than to be able to develop the piano to it's fullest potential, as I have just experienced witl1 this Model B "action only" rebuild using the WNG system.

David Sposto:Since learning about and using the new wessell nickel and gross high performance piano parts I have seen the improvement in the quality of my restoration projects. I especially like the WN&G Low Friction key pins, capstans, and action glide bolts. After years of cleaning and polishing old key pins and capstans, the job of installing the new WN&G parts makes for a more professional job as well as a good feeling and very responsive piano action.

M. Randall Mangus, RPT:In the past year and a half it has been my pleasure to use and install 4 sets of WN&G action parts on rebuilding 2 Steinways, a Foster Grand in which I also installed an IQ IPAD/AIR system, and a 7'6" ornate Chickering, which is the latest.

The Chickering was the biggest challenge since the parts are not mounted at 90 degrees to the rails and the action brackets were wood and the flanges were metal. Restoring this obsolete action would not have been possible without a WN&G complete top and back action. It only had bass sustain for the middle pedal before, but now has full sustenuto. Many thanks to Nina, Mark, and Bruce for your support on this project.

The hammer boring to my very unorthodox specs for this action was perfect. The manufacturers sample parts kit made it easy to work out all the dimensions for setting up the action even before parts were ordered. Downweight came out at 46-48 grams, upweight at 24-25 grams with some key releading and action ratio at 5.5/1.

Roy Berg, RPT, Hibbing, MN:I needed to replace the action (very badly worn) on a Young Chang G-185 grand #G 061103 for our high school here in Minnesota. You have to understand that these old school rooms vary from 12% to 76% humidity through the a typical school year. I determined that the most durable action parts would come from WNG! I received the most professional advice and assistance from their support team throughout the whole process. The WNG parts installed were: shanks/flanges, whippens, glides, capstans, and backchecks. I have been in this trade for 36 years and have never had a more satisfying outcome. I was able set touch very evenly throughout the piano and achieved an extremely responsive action. I am ready to order parts for a Baldwin that just entered my shop. I strongly recommend taking advantage of all the parts and tools available at WNG. On this next project I plan to include key pins for I think that they will be of the most durable of materials. Experiences like this make this the most satisfying profession I could ever be involved in! Thanks!

Barry Robertson, RPT, Bill Jones Piano and Organ, Knoxville, TN:I just delivered the 12 year old Baldwin SF10 with your hammers,shanks/flanges,and repetitions. The customer, a mega church, is estatic, as am I, with the transformation of this instrument. I have been servicing the piano for about 5 years, and it had received heavy use with periodic hammer filing and a couple of regulations.

What amazed me the most was the smoothness of the action and the absolute lack of noise. Combined with the richness of the new hammers, the piano is now of concert quality. In 2004 my wife (a professional pianist) and I picked out a Steinway D from the factory, and it's touch as well as your action in the SF10 both score a 10!

Gaetan Perrin, RPT, Trois-Rivieres Conservatory, Quebec, Canada:"If it can be of any help to you or to hesitating technicians, so far I rebuilt 9 grand actions with WNG composite parts and every one of them has been a success. In most cases, it fixed downweight problems and improved repetition.

At the Trois-Rivieres Conservatory, I rebuilt two Steinway B simultaneously. One with original Steinway wooden parts, and the other with WNG composite parts. The difference is enormous. The one rebuilt with WNG turned out with a much lighter action and the piano gained in power and sustain. I used original Steinway NY hammers on both. Of course, the WNG became the prefered and is used 8-10 hours per day. After a whole year of use, the regulation is much more stable on the WNG and no more hammer disalined. When the budget will aloud, the other B will be rebuilt with WNG components.

For sure, the next grand action I will rebuilt, will be with WNG composite parts.

Vince Mrykalo, Owner, Mrykalo Piano, Provo, UT:"I have now installed two sets of WNG shanks and flanges and backchecks here at the University of Utah, specifically on a Bosendorfer Imperial and an early 20th century Steinway D. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. The parts have literally given the Steinway new life, and made the Bosendorfer really speak (which was pretty much lacking before). I will plan on using these parts on my rebuilds in the future. Kudos to Bruce Clark and the Burgett brothers!"

Jordan Bruce, Piano Technician / Rebuilder, Edmond, OK: "I have been very pleased with the new WNG hammers, shanks, and flanges. They provide great durability and weight consistency. I will be recommending their product to my future rebuild clients."

Lou Thiry, RPT, Owner, Piano Tech, Huntsville, AL:"I have been running a small piano shop in Huntsville, Alabama since 1986. My son Jeremy and I do complete belly and action work. We started to work with Wessell, Nickel & Gross in 2008. The parts are very well constructed and stable. I also find that the regulation is very stable. All of my customers are extremely impressed with the way the parts look and the feel of the action. Considering the crazy humidity changes in Alabama we love the new trouble free center pin bushings. It's a no brainer as far as we are concerned! When it comes to the company's service and tech support, you can call anytime and they are helpful and quick to reply. We are looking forward to having a long and prosperous relationship with WNG."

Jude J. Reveley, RPT, Owner, Absolute Piano Restoration, LLC, Piano Designer, Rebuilder and Manufacturer of Belly Components:“Having sampled the entire WNG parts catalog, I can confidently say that WNG is ushering in a new era of innovation in piano technology. All the products are well designed and executed, and the engineers have been especially attentive to the needs and desires of the field technicians out in the trenches. Bravo!”

Ferdinand Pointer, RPT, The Piano Company, Clearwater, FL: "I believe that the new WNG action is a total game changer in piano technology. The hard bushings allow nearly all of the power put into the key to be transmitted to the string. None of the power is absorbed by the felt of the hammer shank, wippin, and jack bushings. The only energy lost now is absorbed by the knuckle and wippin lifter cloth. The relatively firm knuckle and thin hard lifter cloth keeps this to a minimum. I am amazed at how softly this action can play with absolute dependability and how strongly you can play also. We technicians have never had an action design with this great of dynamic range with this much precision. This action will be particularly useful here in Florida where there is much humidity. When I tune for an outdoor venue, I can feel the action tighten as I tune when the piano has been recently delivered. With no felt bushings, this just will not happen. As this action works better and more efficiently than any action we have known , I believe it will be the standard to which all piano actions will have to be compared. By my own choice I will never use any other action in a re-build and I will always try to convince anyone who chooses otherwise. "

Del Fandrich, Piano Designer and Manufacturing Consultant: "Would I recommend WNG parts? Yes. In fact they will be my action parts of choice for any future rebuilding that I might be doing."

Gavin Dunne, PAPPTA & IAPBT: "I had great results with the hammer tail squaring jig which allowed me to perfectly set up my checking on a University rebuild. I really like the backcheck tool set."

Dale Erwin, RPT: "I have used several sets of the plate height adjustabolts with great success. It’s my default system of choice & the price is reasonable."

Dale Fox, RPT: "Together with the anodized aluminum capstans, the WNG composite parts provide a new arsenal for action performance and weight control."

Mark Dierauf, RPT: "I was very happy with the overall results. I would definitely use these parts again!"

Arno Patin, Piano Designer and Re-builder: "The adjustable bolt system is a real pleasure to work with, turning a critical task into an easy and straightforward process."

Zeno Wood, Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College: "I could detect no difference in tone. The treble had a clean sound, without the woody thud sometimes associated with traditional parts. I would recommend the WNG parts."

Brett Dearing, Piano Tuner: "The WNG Plate Perimeter Bolts provides a reliable and superior method of plate suspension."

Bruce Fanzlaw, RPT: "The WNG shanks are excellent! I would also like to compliment you on the back check components; combined with the shanks they truly take regulation to a new level!"

Arthur Grudko, Piano Refinisher and Re-builder: "I installed the WNG aluminum capstans on a late model Boston piano with a heavy, unresponsive touch. The pianist couldn't play anything less than mezzo-forte. The results were spectacular ... and the pianist was thrilled. I intend to promote their use in all other instances of ‘heavy touch syndrome’.” [Added later] "The parts are nothing short of fantastic. I intend to install an entire set on my own Steinway A-III some time in the near future. I looked at the installation videos on the website. Very clear, easy to follow. The backcheck instructions were especially informative. It made me realize just how important your new design is for consistent touch.”

Donnie Dennison, Piano Re-builder, Technician: "I'm extremely impressed with all the work that has gone into the development of the WNG parts. They are amazing. I will use the full spectrum of parts you offer in anything I rebuild from now on. These parts are perfection re-invented."

Gene Nelson, RPT: "The back checks are very well thought out. Checking can be set as close as you want without any interference. Closer checking allows stronger rep spring tension and better repetition. The installation kit is a big part of making these parts work correctly. Minimal regulation is required."

Marcel Lapointe, RPT, Quebec, Canada: "I liked so much the result on my Mason Hamlin BB with the new capstan, that today I ordered 2 more sets of capstans. What an improvement. I know some pianos that will like those. I am now a big fan of these capstans."

David Estey, RPT: "We are just finishing up, and the action feels smooth and velvety like chocolate cake... I can't wait to hear this action with the LX system. It should be quite amazing."

Artist Endorsements

Brian Culbertson, award-winning Smooth Jazz Pianist and Composer: "When a piano feels and sounds this good, you don't ever want to stop playing."

Hugh Sung, Faculty, Curtis Institute of Music: "I believe that every great artistic expression reveals three foundational pillars: creativity, craftsmanship, and consistency. I applaud the innovation behind the Wessell, Nickel & Gross composite action parts, and the ways that they provide a level of precision craftsmanship and durable consistency over time, thereby equipping serious pianists to be unfettered in their creative pursuits and performances."

Daniel Ho, 5-time Grammy Winner, Producer, Pianist, Composer and Arranger: "The WNG composite action is smooth and fine. I love it---a touch you can count on to respond even at ppp."

Mike Garson, Pianist, Composer, Arranger: "Excellent responsiveness."

Bill Cunliffe, Grammy winning Arranger, Composer and Jazz Pianist: "Very responsive action, excellent clarity of tone. Congrats on having the best piano at the [NAMM] show!"

Mike Lang, Pianist and Top Freelance Recording Artist for films and TV: "Very nice responsiveness, tone is terrifically clear, strong ability to project, great fullness of sound. Very nice!"

Richard Bosworth, DMA, Concert Pianist and Teacher: "Perfect. I can trust the action. It seems to aniticpate what I want."

Brandon Rogers, Pop/R&B Vocalist and Pianist, Season 6 finalist "American Idol": "Fantastic response, crystal-clear tone all the way to the bottom. It was great---hard to stop playing!"

La Palabra, Band Leader, Singer, Pianist, Producer and Arranger: "Very fast retraction and settlement. Very clear tone, very rich sound. More than a regular piano action it provides a very clear and distinct sound. I feel it's a great advantage to Earth because it's eco-friendly."

Tom Keene, Pianist, Arranger, Producer, Teacher: "On all counts, Excellent."

Corey Allen, Composer, Arranger, Pianist: "Great...Tops...Amazing!"

Richard Dowling, DMA, Award-winning Concert Pianist: "Bravo---love a "fast" action! Gorgeous sound. Very impressive level of attention to detail and quality control."

Ron Tanski, Blues, Jazz, Gospel Pianist, Singer, Composer: "Perfect. There's no hesitation from thought to music. Hands down the smoothest, fastest, most responsive action I've ever played. Also incredibly powerful."

Sylvain Vallee, Film/TV Composer: "Excellent for ultimate pianissimo to fortissimo."

Wesley Nagy, Producer, Arranger, Composer, Keyboardist: "Very responsive, dynamic and smooth action."

Steven Allen, Musical Director, Teacher, Musician: "Excellent action produced a wonderful, room-filling sound. Absoultely excellent feel."

Jon Dowling, Pianist and Composer: "I was really quite impressed with the action and movement on the piano board. There was no rigidity in the keys and it was extremely touch-sensitive. The tone of the piano was crystal clear and very resonant."

Sam Sorensen, Pianist and Composer: "Wessell, Nickel & Gross’ composite action parts are brilliantly designed. They give the piano an even and very responsive action."

Dennis Hamm, Jazz Pianist, Composer and Teacher: "Responsiveness is perfect! The action provides a lovely tone, fullness of sound."

Viktor Valkov, MM, Concert Pianist: "This action, like no other, gives you the sensation that your fingers are playing directly on the strings. An amazing feeling. The tone that it produces is extremely clear and beautiful. With this action the responsiveness is extraordinary; it feels as if you could do anything that your imagination would allow."

Nadine Andre, Concert Pianist, Accompanist and Teacher: "Good contact...the whole depression of keys feels even and weighted...great balance, easy to voice, very forgiving. Beautiful.." "

Brent Hay, Pianist: "Excellent breadth of tonality and control."

John R. Varn, Pianist and Keyboardist: "Responsiveness was excellent, tight. Brilliant, clear, cutting tone. Impressive fullness of sound, ability to project was amazing."

John Meadows, Pianist: "Wonderful sensitivity to my touch. I felt like I was playing an old friend."

Eric Levy, Pianist and Keyboardist (Garajmahal): "I started playing pianissimo, but had no problem getting as loud as I might desire. Great! Wonderful action!"

Leon Turner, Musician, Songwriter and Producer: "Great responsiveness!"