Will A Composite Action Last?

Early attempts to use engineered materials failed miserably. The science of such materials was in its infancy and there was no history from which to learn. The materials WNG uses now have been around long enough for their aging to be understood.

The WNG combines a base resin of Nylon and a long fiber to create a composite that is both strong and rigid. Nylon has been in wide use for 50 years. The fiber is durable to the extreme.

Material scientists expect, in the benign environment of a piano, a minimum life expectancy of 100 years. Indeed, it could last much longer.

Why is the WNG backcheck so short?

Most backchecks are much longer than necessary. Unfortunately, the extra length gets the customer nothing. A hammer is checked on the top 1/2" or so of the backcheck--checking a hammer any place else is simply incorrect. Below the seat, the only material required is to provide enough surface to glue the buckskin, so WNG has chosen to eliminate this unnecessary space.

Why is the WNG backcheck so thin?

Most rebuilders have experienced backchecks hitting the sostenuto after regulation. The reasons for this are varied, however, a thinner backcheck creates more room between the backcheck and the sostenuto, thus reducing the probability that the backcheck will hit the sostenuto when both are regulated properly.